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News in September 2016 from Uig Lodge


Sep 2016

Children enjoying the free-range childhood

We have been living at Uig for over 5 years now and with Arthur soon to be 5 and Kitty and Marsaili soon to be 3 it now seems they are at the ages to enjoy their vast playground. They couldn't be happier than when running or cycling down the golf course to the river and then pottering around in the knee-deep river. Wetsuits have been a complete game-changer and they (and us) are more than happy to spend hours paddling, building sand castles, playing games until they decide it's food time and need to come home. 

Mabel our cocker spaniel was 1 in May and we feel very lucky that she has such a lovely temperament. The children love cuddling her, feeding her, walking her etc.

The kayaks have also provided hours of entertainment. This usually means the children sitting in the kayaks while mummy and daddy wade alongside being splashed and playing lifeguard. We (Dickon and Elly) have also given surfing a go this summer and although we can't claim to be very good at it, we absolutely loved it and hopefully next year we can get the children on the bodyboards and maybe one or two more lessons for us.

“I can’t tell you how different your fish is from what passes here for smoked salmon. The subtle smoky smell caught our attention as soon as we opened the packet – so fresh”

Susan, USA