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News in July 2011 from Uig Lodge


Jul 2011

Fishing season now upon us...

It has been a busy month or so since we arrived up here and we have really enjoyed getting the Lodge ready and welcoming the first guests.  Touch wood everybody seems to like the improvements which have been made to the house over the winter!  On the fishing front, a few salmon are beginning to arrive now although like the rest of the Island we need some rain to bring more fish in to the system.  Three salmon were caught in June and also, quite a few sea trout and brown trout.  We will keep you updated on a weekly basis as to how the season is going.  Kind regards, Dickon and Elly


Jul 2011

Uig Lodge Fishing

The last three weeks have seen hardly any rain and therefore the river is extremely low.  However, three salmon were caught last week (2 of 3lbs and 1 of 6 1/2 lbs) and two salmon were caught yesterday morning. Like much of the Hebrides there are not yet great numbers of salmon around... but we are hoping that rain will be arriving soon!   Having said that, the recent fine weather is an absolute joy!  Cheers, Dickon


Jul 2011

Uig Lodge Fishing and big trout...

3 more salmon were caught towards the tail end (excuse the pun..) of last week, bringing the week's total up to five.  We then finally had the rain which we have been waiting for.....it rained for a solid 24 hours....or more...

This resulted in some fish moving into the river and 2 salmon have been caught so far this week (with another 2 lost).  The total for the season is only 13 though so we are hoping for a good end to the month of July.

A large ferox trout was also lost yesterday in Loch Suainaval......it was estimated at well over 3lbs and it  snapped the lure in half with its teeth and spat it out........one angry fish!   My Godfather, Adrian Worsley and his team will be returning to the scene this evening in the hope that they may catch it again.....or perhaps even a bigger one....


That is all our news for now


Dickon and Elly