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Catch and release policy

Scotland’s wild salmon and sea trout stocks face many challenges and it is therefore our priority to maintain and enhance stocks within the Fhorsa system and thereby in Scotland.  We can only achieve this by implementing conservation measures such as catch and release, which leaves the river many hundreds of thousands of eggs better off at the end of each season. 

The practice of catch and release has been increasing in recent years, playing an important part in protecting future stocks.  Uig Lodge fully supports this and we therefore encourage you to only keep the fish that you will be eating fresh.  The wild salmon and trout deserve the chance to breed and they will not get this chance in the bottom of your deep freeze!

We also strongly encourage the use of single hook flies when trout fishing.

“This salmon is not just delicious, it’s really outstanding. We’ve never had smoked salmon of such high quality”

Rudi, Germany